Towards the end of 2016, we completely renovated our factory with the goal of creating a building that has minimal environmental impact.

Energy-saving has given us many strengths. Over time, they’ve provided us with an impressive first result: halving our energy consumption

But we didn’t stop with that: we wanted the energy used to be green, derived entirely from rene-wable sources.


We were committed to obtaining this goal and today we are proud to say we rely on 100% clean energy.

Here’s how:

  a refrigeration heat reclaim system heats the water for both the utilities and sanitary systems, e-liminating the need for a boiler. Therefore, the company does not emit fumes into the atmosphere.

  Any excess heat is dissipated through forced ventilation using radiators that have been placed in shady areas or camouflaged by “sails” that force the natural flow of air. Because of this we do not need cooling towers which emit vapors into the atmosphere and can cause health problems.

  Thanks to the incredibly advanced technologies we’ve adopted, at any given moment, our electri-cal input is always proportional to the factory’s effective operations. Therefore, both the efficiency and performance of our operations are always maximized.

  There entire production unit has double insulation, inside and out, significantly reducing both e-nergy consumption and the environmental impact.

  On the roof, there are nearly 900 photovoltaic modules for a total maximum power > 260 KW.

  The entire factory can be managed remotely.


But we won’t stop here.


In order to keep improving, we’ve planned to:

  dig a well in order to get water from a nearby stream so we can “produce” our own water, treating with an ozonization system and without chemicals.

  design a new completely detouched office building, meaning that the structure will rely entirely on independent energy solutions and be built, in large part, from recycled materials.