We believe it’s our duty to produce food with total respect for the well-being of people,
animals and the environment, even those products made from animal parts,.


For us, these are the true “Traditional Values”:

Respect For Human Health

  The only ingredients we use are selected meats, sea salt and…nothing else!

  No chemicals added (no preservatives, nitrates, sugar, casein and dairy free, etc.)

  The care for our animals’ well-being positively affects our health as well.


Respect For The Animals

Part of our prosciutto (and we plan to get to 100% in the future), carefully selected from farms that also respect the animals’ well-being and follow the “Good Farming” rules. For example:

  Gentle weaning process for the sow and her piglets

  No GMO foods

  No ‘preventative’ antibiotics are used, all medical care is administered according to the ethical ru-les of a good veterinary practice, with the well-being of the animals its only objective.

  the animals have continuous access to fresh, running water

  the animals have access to a large, comfortable space compared to most other pig farms, with better ventilation.


Respect For The Environment

Our factory uses the most advanced technologies to minimize our environmental footprint:

  Half the amount of the average energy is used compared to similar structures

  100% green energy, derived from renewable sources

  Zero smoke or vapor emissions released into the air

  Extremely limited water consumption


We have also begun to select our suppliers with care, looking to find other companies who share our vision; where saving energy and sustainable energy are always at the forefront.